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Subscription Plans



Basic Plan

Prime Plan

Elite Plan

Supreme Plan

Free Registration
Unlimited No. of Searches
Unlimited Postings
TrailPost™ Facility
Billing Cycle N/A Quarterly / Yearly Quarterly / Yearly Monthly / Yearly
Trails™ Daily Limit (Applicable to all Plans) 2 5 10 Unlimited
Trails™ Monthly Quota 10 N/A N/A Unlimited
Trails™ Quarterly Quota (For Quarterly Plans) N/A 150 450 N/A
Trails™ Yearly Quota (For Yearly Plans) N/A 600 1800 Unlimited

Trails™ are number of the detailed unique Postings (of other users) which can be accessed by the member. For more details, please visit our FAQs section.



Basic Plan

Prime Plan

Elite Plan

Supreme Plan


Periodic Pricing FREE INR 1,797 (for 3 months) INR 3,297 (for 3 months) INR 2,999 (for 1 months)
Yearly Pricing FREE INR 5,990 (for 12 months) INR 10,990 (for 12 months) INR 29,990 (for 12 months)


Periodic Pricing FREE USD 35.97 (for 3 months) USD 65.97 (for 3 months) USD 59.99 (for 1 months)
Yearly Pricing FREE USD 119.90 (for 12 months) USD 219.90 (for 12 months) USD 599.90 (for 12 months)

We do not charge our members on auto recurring payment basis. Instead; members need to manually make the payment each time they wish to renew their subscription.

Day Plan (Top Up)

Plan Category

Additional Trails™


Payment INR

Indian Customers

Payment USD

International Customers

Day Plan 5 1 Day 99 PAY NOW 1.99 PAY NOW

Day shall constitute the time from midnight to midnight (UTC timings) i.e. validity of Day Plan shall expire at 23:59:59 UTC time on the day of subscription; irrespective of the local time at user's location.

Members are requested to avail Day Plan only after exhausting the Daily limit of Trails™ available with their existing regular Plan. This is because – Day Plan once subscribed, supersedes the regular Plan and Members shall not be able to use benefits of existing regular Plan until the expiry of the Day Plan.

Important Notes

Please Note

  • Applicable taxes may be charged additionally as per prevailing rates, fixed by the Indian Government from time to time. Current Rate of Goods and Services tax is 18%.
  • All the subscription Plans follow their respective validity - based on the UTC timings and users are advised to be cautious about the time difference between their respective local time zone and that of UTC; to be sure of the Plan validity.
  • Trails™ cannot be accumulated, and unused Trails™ shall expire at the end of each Day (for Day Plan) or per Month / Quarter / Year (for Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Plans), as the case may be.
  • One Subscription includes login rights on one device at a time.
  • Monthly Plans are valid for 30 days, Quarterly Plans for 91 days and Yearly Plan for 365 days, each from the date of subscription.
  • By availing yearly subscription, a user pays fees for 10 months and gets ShipTrails™ Services for free for next 2 months".
  • Month/Quarter/Year shall start from the date of subscription i.e. from the date of payment for a particular plan. Daily limits shall be restored at 00:00:01 UTC.
  • ShipTrails™ may, at its sole discretion, offer any of the Services for free or at discounted rates on a trial basis (Trial Services) to any User or set of particular users for a notified duration. Trial Services may be accompanied by marketing material of a third party or ShipTrails™ - such as advertisements. Offer period and/or subscription rates for such Trial Services may be subjected to change by ShipTrails™ at any time with or without notice.

Fees Revision

All the mentioned charges are subject to review for revision every Calendar Year. Any changes in the fees structure shall be effective from 1st January, falling immediately after posting of the revised fee structure on ShipTrails™ Website. The revised fee shall be applicable at the start of next billing cycle, falling on or immediately after the effective date of said fees revision.

Welcome Offer

As a Welcome Offer, ShipTrails™ is providing an unlimited access to every member by offering free subscription to Supreme Plan for first month of registration. After the expiry of Welcome Offer, the subscription shall automatically switch to Basic Plan, unless member subscribes to any other Plan. The Welcome Offer is available for limited time only and ShipTrails™ reserves the right to withdraw this Offer any time, at its own discretion and without any prior notice.

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