For The First Time, Maritime Shipping Has A Climate Target

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When the European Union readied its Emissions Trading System a decade ago, the idea was to include sea and air transport in the scheme – for all ships and planes entering EU territory. But after an outcry from non-EU countries, Brussels said it would back off as long as the international organizations overseeing sea and air transport came up with a global climate solution.

Experts say that shipping emissions need to be reduced by at least 70 percent by that time to meet the headline goal of the Paris Agreement – limiting global temperature rise to no more than 1.5°C by 2050. Read More

A Modern Insight into Ship Sale & Purchase and Chartering Processes

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Visit the internet and you shall be overwhelmed to see so many e-commerce marketplaces for any product one can think of under the Sun. Newer a product, more chances of it being available through multiple marketplaces. So, what does an online marketplace actually do? In general, e-commerce marketplaces aggregate products from a broad range of sources, providing a wider choice range for a customer and ensuring more availability of the product as compared to vendor-specific online or offline retail stores. Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Ship Sale and Purchase Transaction

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The Sale and Purchase (SnP) of ships is one of the fundamental commercial activity of the shipping industry. It is capital intensive and involves a lot of professional knowledge and legal expertise. Given a number of intricacies involved, there is almost always a competent third party or an SnP broker employed by the owner of the ship or the buyer – who is seeking to get a specific ship, to ensure that the transaction flows through smoothly without any glitches or legal disputes.

This article strives to provide a basic insight into the various stages in an SnP transaction and what a buyer/seller is expected to do for a successful business. Read More