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About ShipTrails™

ShipTrails™ is a web-based marketplace, offering brokerage free automated “click & match” platform; developed to simplify ship tracking requirements for Sale & Purchase (SnP) and Chartering transactions. Superior technology and complex algorithms yet simple user interface make ShipTrails™ a useful tool for everyone – whether a ship provider, a ship seeker or a broker.

For ship providers, ShipTrails™ creates an unmatched visibility, while for ship seekers, it eases the herculean task of locating a suitable ship. Ship providers can leverage technology to make their ships available to a larger client base and ensure faster conversions. Similarly, ship seekers can search and assess the availability of required tonnage to plan their business & transportation in an efficient way. Using ShipTrails™, one can save time and efforts in finding a right match.

Brokers have special benefits with ShipTrails™ as it instantly connects them with other brokers worldwide. Brokers can also generate business leads using ShipTrails™ platform. They can connect directly with ship providers and ship seekers who would need brokers’ specialised services such as negotiation techniques and their expertise to draft and finalise the charter party.

Whether you are a ship provider or a ship seeker; ShipTrails™ enables your natural trait “Do-It-Yourself” since negotiation & finalisation of business can be done by yourself without our involvement after we connect you to a suitable match. ShipTrails™ is like a virtual assistant so that you can take care of more important tasks such as negotiations, contract finalisations and other business development activities while matching can be promptly taken care by us facilitating you to simply Fix More!

Our founding team comprises accomplished and talented professionals who are experts in their individual fields and joined hands to come together for the development of ShipTrails™.